Currently the entry site is under construction. Thank you for your patience. (Jan 22)
Submission for Preliminary Round is now available! (Jan 24)

  1. Prepare a Google account of your team or representative member. Please note that your account name will be visible to any other teams.
  2. Login Google Classroom by using the above-mentioned account.
  3. Click "+" and select "Join a class" with the following class code: bq7cag
  4. At the top page of the class, find the post with [[[Entry form of SamurAI Coding 2018-19]]] and make your registration via Entry Form there.
  5. At the same page, find the post with [[[Program submission for Preliminary Round]]] (or "Preliminary Round" in the "Classwork" tab) and submit your program following the instructions there.

What should we submit?