How to make a registration

Please make a registration and submit your program via EasyChair as follows. Please read the following even if you are familiar with EasyChair because there are some words of cautions.

  1. Access
  2. Login if you already have an EasyChair account. Otherwise, login after making a new account by clicking "Create an account".
  3. If you see the following page, click "make a new submission" to proceed.
  4. You will see an "Author Information" form. Please enter required information noticing the followings.
    • Enter information of all the team members as "Author". Check "corresponding author" for members who can receive emails from the Contest Committee. You can check for all the members. You need to check for at least one member. Note that we may send emails to non-corresponding members if we cannot make concact with the other members.
    • Enter your team name as "Title".
    • Enter arbitrary three lines each of which has two or more characters (e.g., "ABC" "DEF" "GHI"). (We do not use this information, but we cannot remove this item due to the restriction of EasyChair)
    • You can upload your program via the last item "Program Submission", but you can leave here unsubmitted at this time.
    • You can update information entered here until the deadline.
  5. Click the "Submit" button at the bottom to complete the registration.
  6. After you make the registration, we will send you an email that includes access information of Submission Trial Page, at which you can check whehter the submission file works on the match-up server. Please contact to if you do not receive this email in three business days.

How to submit your program for the preliminary round

  1. Access again and login using the EasyChair account used when you made the registration.
  2. You will see your registraion information like below. Click the magnifier icon to proceed.
  3. You can see a menu as follows in the upper right corner at the next page. Click "Add file" to proceed.
  4. You can see an "Update a File for Submission" form. Upload your file at "Program Submission".
  5. After uploading, click the "Submission" button to complete the submission.
  6. You can update your submission file any time by this procedure until the deadline.

What should we submit?