Final Round

World Final Event will be held online on Zoom from 15:20 JST on Mar. 19, 2021 (collocated with 83rd IPSJ National Convention).

At this event, we will broadcast a recorded video including opening and closing remarks, self-introductions of the world finalists, and matches of World Final (we will make chatting on Zoom available). The recorded video of this Zoom event will be availabe at this website after the event (Mar 30: now available!).

Recorded video of the World Final Event

How to join the event

Please make your registration at this website (in Japanese). Students can participate without fee. Non-students also can participate in this event without fee by making your registration for "event-only participation" (イベント企画限定聴講参加). We will send invitation for this event to members of the team advanced to the World Final. Please wait for an email from IPSJ office (do not make your registration yourselves).

Program Submission (for teams who advanced to Final Round)

Please submit your program for Final Round via EasyChair. The requirements for a submitted file are the same as in the Qualifying Round. You can update your program or use the same one to the Qualifying Round. You do not have to resubmit your program if you do not need any updates.

Submission Trial Page has been also available again. Plesae check that your program works on the match-up server before your resubmission.

We ask the finalists to submit your self-introduction material. Please refer to the email from the committee for detiails.


Final Round Rules

Please see the "Game Rules" and "Final Round Rules" at the Rules page.


Results are shown below. 5th-8th places were decided based on the result of the Qualifying Round. All the finalists will be awarded and accept diploma. The 1st-3rd place teams will receive a prize. The 1st place team will receive a gunbai (軍配, millitary leader's fan). (Mar 31) Besides, special prizes are given to the following three teams by a gold sponsor e-Seikatsu Co.,Ltd. (株式会社いい生活).

Congratulations to all winners and world finalists!


Rank Seed Team name Prize
1 3 johnnyhibiki 40,000 JPY
2 4 ys 20,000 JPY
3 1 ValGrowth 10,000 JPY
4 7 Tambo
5 2 Monk1
7 9 K
8 12 STN
Finalist 5 tanzaku
Finalist 8 milkmilk
Finalist 10 ncandy
Finalist 11 TeamPL
Finalist 13 Team AI style
Finalist 14 CamelliaDragons
Finalist 15 compiler
Finalist 16 Freerider 2.0